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Thread: PS3 Light Sequence of Death (What does it mean?)

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    PS3 Light Sequence of Death (What does it mean?)

    Got a broken PS3 from a guy for free. I at first thought it just need a new hard drive so I went out and bought one. Now when I turn it on I get this light sequence:

    Green-Blue-Green-Yellow-Red-3 Beeps

    I'm guessing it could be two (or more) codes at once instead of just one code but I have no idea what it means and if I would be able to fix it myself. Does anybody else know?

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    the ps3 has 2 light areas the left most is disk indicator, if I remember correctly.

    green is usually good, blue is disk detection, yellow you never want to see, red is plugged in but off, standby? the 3 beeps is the ps3 not being able to write to the disk....not too sure.

    the light you want to pay attention to is the right one. green is good, red is off, yellow as a final show is dead.

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    Did you flash the firmware (or whatever) in order for the new HDD to be recognized? My bet is you need some sort of elecktrickery doing.
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    I would put the original hard drive back in and then look for the error code...if its a hard drive error, there are tons of how to's on the google machine the key is the right drive and formatting it so the PS3 see's it below is a list of light codes that I know of and found, and the link is the error list. If you need more help just PM me I'll see what I can find

    PS3 on - Green light - Yellow light - 3 Beeps - Flashing Red Light = YLOD.

    PS3 on - Ps3 Shuts Down/3 Beeps - Flashing Red Light = Internally Overheating.

    PS3 Off, then switched on - 3 Beeps - Flashing Red Light = Component
    Failure/Overheating*/Harddrive Failure.

    PS3 on Standby, Red Light, sensor/button pressed, brief Green Light, no lights, Red Light - Internal Component Failure(Similar to YLOD).

    PS3 stuck on standby/Alternate Flashing Red/Green lights - Component Failure/Overheating*.

    *=obviously not overheating from cold.

    Disk drive will only read certain discs, eg: dvd's or blu-rays, but not both = Blu-ray drive/laser failure.**

    Disk drive will not read any discs = Blu-ray drive/laser failure.

    **= This can be an issue due to the laser/system, losing calibration for one or more types of disc, e.g: the PS3 can play dvd's, but not blu-rays, or vice versa.

    Both these issues can also be caused by the System Update being corrupted, in rare cases, and a database rebuild may fix them, but in the vast majority of cases, a replacement drive/laser will be required.

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