EDIT - These videos actually show up in the EliteTV section, not the Improve section (not sure why)

I was really skeptical about the value I would find in the 'Improve' section of Elite...but I have been really impressed so far. The videos just started showing up today, as far as I can tell.

The videos break each map down by major section and suggest tactics that should be employed based on the flow of the maps and the layout. All of the info is logical, and some of the suggestions were really good. For less experienced folks..there might be multiple 'oh man!' moments when watching these videos...as the lightbulb goes off about how certain tactics can be employed.

Same goes for the weapon videos. Suggestions are made regarding the Proficiency selections - highlighting things like 'this weapon has significant sway but very little lift, so Stability is a better choice than Kick' (ACR is the example here).

I'd highly recommend that everyone take some time and watch the videos. The production quality is very high as well.