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Thread: Elite - Theater - Cameos

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    Elite - Theater - Cameos

    Very cool feature in the Elite Theater! If someone uploads a video that you appear can find it in the Cameo's section. I found a BLOPS video uploaded by MidnightGhostGF where I shot a Javelin through a window for a triple kill...and a less than flattering video where Carpe Beerem did a Dolphin Dive and shot me in the ankles.

    Very cool that the videos are evidently automatically tagged with the GamerTags of the players that appear in them. (Unless Ghost and Carpe tagged them with my name when they uploaded them?)


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    I uploaded one segment of video of a guy eating my bouncing bettie, and one screen shot I took of Tinkorobotos amazing killing spree. I was just checking out the abilities of Elite, so far other than it being down most of the time I think I will really like Elite.

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