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Thread: CoD - Black Ops "I might have improved... a bit"

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    CoD - Black Ops "I might have improved... a bit"

    Well last night I decided to get back into Blops for a while to get a "Prestige Token" to spend on another Custom Class in MW3. I was at level 48, and it didn't take terribly long to get to Prestige. What I was surprised at, was how much better I was doing in Blops compared to when I had set the game down. Granted, I still got my ass handed to me... but I was able to use tools I never laid hands on before, napalm strikes, turrets, predators.

    So I did Prestige, then played a few games (up to level 3) to kick the Prestige Token into gear. So I need to wait about 48 for my MW3 to populate with my new token for my seventh custom class.

    So while I'm not even mediocre yet... at least this shows I have improved a little. BTW... there were still a lot of to be had!
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    I might have to do the same before I prestige again on MW3. that way i can have 2 tokens and have my lag friendly guns ready right away.

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