OK folks, what we're looking for this time is some theme music. If you've ever listened to the cast you've heard all kinds of different music leading us in and out of various episodes. Well here's you chance to be Geezer famous. We're looking for some theme music for the cast and are hoping there's someone in Geezer land either has something we could use or wants to put something together that we could use. Now of course, being that everyone involved from the site to the cast is volunteering there time we're looking for something royalty free.

So if you want to help out the cast by submitting some music just contact me via PM here on GG.


- No rules really as long as an submission is free of any sort of ownership/copyright issues. We would like some original work that you're willing to donate to the cause.

- Length: We'll use about 15-20 seconds to lead into the show and maybe another 30 to take us out. So let's say one "song" that totals about 60 seconds that I can break into two parts or two separate but similar "songs" in the times I mentioned.

- I use Sound Forge to edit the casts so I can basically take the submission in just about any file format but usually anything I do with the cast is in FLAC or MP3.

- Be creative, for the last couple of casts I've used some 8 bit style music I thought was fitting give the GG culture but we're open to about anything.