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Thread: Looking for Domination / Team Tac players for nightly team play

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    Looking for Domination / Team Tac players for nightly team play

    Hi everyone – MaxPowerTen here. I was on before under an older account, but was unable to recover it, so I had to reregister. I was active before and in DTH during MW2, but life and work got in the way of my gaming hobby and have been out of the loop for sometime. Now that life has slowed down some, I am back into MW3. I am involved in an COD Elite clan (imax), we are level 15. For the most part I play objective games (Domination and Team Tactical – I suck at TDM and HC…..), nightly from about 10 pm – 1:00 am EST. I am hoping to pick up a buddy … or two … or three to game with during that timeframe for TT/Dom games. If anyone is interested send me a FR or xbox msg. Thanks!


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    Hey Matt nice to see you back at GG. The old DTH crew is still around and playing quite a bit of dom and other objective games (demolition, team defender). Hopefully see you on sometime

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    Hey, Matt. How's it goin, eh?
    Welcome back to the neighborhood!

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