Nier: Automata has been called the sleeper game of the year... or of the decade... or of the generation... by various reviewers. I'm part way through my second play-through and although I have enjoyed games like Witcher 3 and GuildWars 2, Nier: Automata has engaged my intellect and my heart as much or more. I would caution older players, assuming you're not hard-core (I'm over 70), that the introductory sequence is very challenging so you shouldn't be ashamed to play it on EASY mode. Also be advised that the author uses a technique pioneered by Lawrence Durrell in his Alexandria Quartet of showing you the same story from multiple perspectives. So when you've finished your first play-through, you're not yet 1/5 of your way through the story. I'm finding the second play-through a revelation. For an example, see the following snippet from what looks like a standard boss fight the first time through, whereas at the end of the second time you learn what motivates this monster: